Tips for Healthy Social Media Habits: Nurturing Mental Well-Being in the Digital Age

Social media has become an integral part of modern life, offering opportunities for connection, entertainment, and information sharing. However, as people become increasingly dependant on social media connections, this becomes a slippery slope…

‘Fussy Eating’ or Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder?

All of us recognise ‘fussy eating’, either in ourselves, family members or friendships. We’ve often heard of the child that refuses to eat any vegetables, sauces or will only have the same limited number of foods.


What is bigorexia?

Do you spend hours in the gym? Obsessively focusing on calorie counting, tracking your macronutrients and hitting protein targets? Are you limiting areas of your life such as seeing friends or other interests because …

Embracing Transformation: Rediscovering Yourself After Having a Baby 

Change and motherhood are synonymous with each other. When we become a mother nearly every aspect of the world we knew before motherhood changes. Many of the factors that played a central role in our sense of self and identity …

Beyond labor a candid look at postnatal mental health difficulties 

The journey to motherhood is a journey of many stages, each with their own unique challenges and opportunities. When all goes smoothly, we start with conception, move through to pregnancy, which is followed by birth and then the postnatal period.  

Managing Workplace Stress – Tips for Employees

Do you notice feeling more irritable, snappy, or overwhelmed? Or perhaps some physical complaints like frequent headaches, aches and pains, exhaustion, but tests can’t identify the cause?

Mindfulness During Ramadan  

As the sacred month of Ramadan unfolds, the practice of mindfulness and a focus on spirituality during the Holy Month becomes the emphasis for Muslims around the world. Ramadan teaches patience and humility, as well as compassion…

Balancing Hope and Heartache: Navigating Mother’s Day on the Journey to Motherhood  

Sometimes the path to motherhood does not run smoothly. For many women they long to become a mother but circumstances mean that it hasn’t happened for them yet. Maybe you are still single at an age that you imagined you would be married …