Sage Workshop – Preparing for University

Sage Workshop – Preparing for University

When: Wednesday 21st of June 3.00pm – 6.00pm

Where: Sage, Clinics

About the talk:  

Starting university is a significant transition, and whilst it is exciting, it can be overwhelming and anxiety provoking, especially if moving abroad. It’s the first time that many young people live by themselves and take greater responsibility. This can be challenging as young people are still experiencing psychological, social, and physical development, including identity formation, and learning skills in managing life. Whilst going to university presents an opportunity for self-discovery and greater independence, it can also be a time for potential challenges. 

This workshop has been developed to help young people reflect on possible challenges and successfully navigate through this transition. 

In this workshop, Dr Victoria Mountford, Dr Bisi Laniyan and Hala El- Shafie will lead discussions and share practical tips on how to prepare for university and manage some of the challenges that may arise.  

This workshop will cover the following:  

  • Understanding the changes of the young adult brain. 
  • Managing my mental and physical wellbeing.  
  • Practical tips for surviving and thriving at university. 

 With this workshop we aim to alleviate some of your anxieties about starting university, and that you feel more equipped for this new stage of life.  

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