Staying connected to loved ones when you travel a lot

Staying connected to loved ones when you travel a lot

The UAE is a major business hub in the Middle East, with a diverse economy and multinational workforce. All of these factors mean that it is not uncommon for individuals to have to travel frequently for work. While these trips can be exciting, allowing for variety and diversity in the day-to-day grind, they can also be stressful and take a toll on relationships, especially when it comes to staying connected with loved ones. 

Why is it important to stay connected?

  • Sharing experiences: Sharing travel experiences with loved ones can be enjoyable and enriching. It can also help to strengthen relationships and create lasting memories.
  • Maintaining relationships: Frequent travel can sometimes strain relationships with loved ones. Staying connected and maintaining regular communication can help to strengthen these relationships and prevent them from deteriorating over time.
  • Avoiding homesickness: Staying connected with loved ones can help to combat homesickness and feelings of missing home, which can be common when traveling for extended periods.

So how do I stay connected?

There are some key ways you can stay connected with those you care about whilst travelling for work. Some may sound obvious, but often when we are caught up in the fast-paced work environment, we can take them for granted or they slip off our radar, especially after a long day!

  1. Set up a regular schedule for communication: For example, a daily phone call or a weekly video chat. The technology in today’s climate means there are so many ways we can connect in real-time. 
  2. Use your downtime: You may have some downtime in between meetings or appointments. If this is the case, use this time to connect. This could be anything from a quick catch-up call or sending a picture of what you are up to or something you have come across.
  3. Postcards or letters: Now, I appreciate this one is a bit old school, BUT what a personal and tangible way to stay in touch?? The effort this requires adds a nice layer to the communication and shows the other that you are thinking of them, even when you are miles away; and a nice surprise in the post too!
  4. Plan a surprise visit: This one might not be doable all the time but doing it all the time would take away the element of surprise anyway! If you ever have some flexibility in your schedule, how about a surprise visit home?? Or maybe a surprise arrival a few days before they were expecting you? Even if it is a short one, an impromptu trip home could be a great way to connect and spend some quality time together. 

Staying meaningfully connected with loved ones when you are away requires effort and intentionality, but committing to this can help us not only maintain strong relationships but also boost our mood, feel more engaged and less homesick. Try to put in place one or two of the strategies on your next trip and see if it helps! 

Written by: Dr Gurveen Ranger

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