Perinatal Therapy

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Perinatal Therapy

Perinatal therapy is for women and men experiencing difficulties with your mental health, adjusting to parenthood or developing a relationship with your baby during pregnancy or in the postnatal period.  

Becoming a parent can be one of the most rewarding yet also one of the most challenging and emotional experiences of our lives. It is normal and understandable that our mental health might be affected during this time. We know that up to 20% of all men and women becoming parents will experience a mental health difficulty either during the pregnancy or in the postnatal period. It might be that an existing problem gets worse, or you develop a mental health problem for the first time. The most common mental health difficulties that happen during this period of time include feeling low in mood or depressed, feeling overly anxious or worried about a range of things including the health and safety of your baby, feeling overwhelmed by parenthood and all that it entails and difficulties bonding with your baby 

Who can benefit from perinatal therapy?

  • If you are experiencing difficulties with your mental health during your current pregnancy or since your baby was born.  
  • If you have a previous history of mental health difficulties during pregnancy or the postnatal period and worry about these difficulties happening again in a future or current pregnancy or now that your baby is here 
  • If you are finding managing your emotions during pregnancy or in the postnatal period difficult  
  • If you are experiencing difficulties bonding with your baby now, either during pregnancy or in the postnatal period  
  • If you have experienced difficulty bonding with a baby/babies in the past, and worry about this happening again in your current pregnancy or with your baby now  
  • If you experienced difficulties in your childhood or have difficult relationships with your parents and are worried about ‘repeating the same patterns’ with your own children  
  • If you experienced a traumatic birth in the past and are worried about giving birth again  
  • If you want a space to explore your identity and approach as a parent, and help to become the sort of parent you want to be.

We know that without the right help and support, mental health difficulties during pregnancy and the postnatal period can have significant and long-lasting effects on the woman, the child, and the wider family. At Sage, our trained professionals have experience of working with women, their partners, baby’s and families experiencing a wide range of emotional and mental health difficulties during pregnancy and in the postnatal period. We provide evidence based psychological therapy. At Sage we will:

  • Work together to develop a shared understanding of your mental health difficulties and a plan to improve and manage your mental health during pregnancy and beyond.  
  • Work together with you, your partner and family to help them understand your mental health or emotional difficulties and know how to best support you so that you stay as well as possible during pregnancy and after your baby is born. 
  • Help you plan for your care during pregnancy, birth, and postnatal period and work closely with your midwife, obstetrician and others involved in your care. 
  • Support you to build both a positive relationship with your baby and to develop confidence in being a parent.  
  • Make sure that you, your partner and family have the information you need – and can get advice – about emotional and mental health difficulties and treatment. 
  • If needed, help you weigh up the risks and benefits of using medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 



Ana Gomez Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, Adolescent & Adults Specialist

Ana Gomez is a Spanish trained Clinical and Forensic Psychologist specialized in working with adolescent and adults with different mental health issues.

Dr Charlotte Cousins Clinical Psychologist, Lead of Children & Adolescent Services and Perinatal & Couples Specialist

Dr. Charlotte Cousins is Clinical Psychologist from the UK with over ten years’ experience of working with children, teenagers, adults, and families.

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