Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental condition that impacts how an individual communicates and interacts socially with others. Individuals with ASD can have a wide range of symptoms.  Clinical presentations are unique, with individuals showing differences in the type of symptoms they have, the number of symptoms they have, the severity of their symptoms, and their intellectual abilities.  

ASD is a complex disorder. We aim to provide a thorough assessment of ASD that considers an individual’s unique needs and strengths. We provide school-age and adult assessments of ASD.  

At Sage, we also have extensive experience at the interface with other support services in the community. We work closely with residential centers in the region, collaborate with international centers of excellence, and with community-based providers and support services locally – drawing on our team’s extensive experience with local regulators, providers, charities and social services. 

Sage also has specialized therapists to support parents and families of people with ASD whose exemplary love and patience often need to be bolstered with professional support to help maintain their own mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

Who can benefit from it?

You might benefit from an ASD Assessment if:

  • You notice that you navigate social situations and communicate with others differently to your peers and often feel like you ‘don’t get it’ or others don’t ‘get’ you. 
  • You often find it hard to understand what others are thinking or feeling. 
  • You can be very honest in a situation, and this may sometimes mean people describe you as ‘blunt’ when you don’t mean to be.  
  • You find it hard to know how you feel and communicate this to others.  
  • You tend to be skilled at noticing small details and patterns compared to others around you. 
  • You have extensive knowledge of particular interest areas and really enjoy talking about this.
  • When you are doing something, you can really focus on it and prefer to do this uninterrupted.  
  • You prefer having a routine over spontaneity.  
  • If you have a family member with autism and have concerns for your child (or your own) behaviors and development. 

Your child might benefit from an ASD assessment if: 

  • Teachers or professionals have noticed delays in meeting developmental milestones and learning, and they may behave differently to their peers at school. 
  • You are noticing they don’t respond to their name, tend to avoid eye contact or engage in repetitive movements.   
  • You notice your child is not talking as much as other children or they prefer to play on their own rather than in social groups.  
  • You may notice they engage in repetitive play and tend to have a limited range of interests. They may express a preference for talking about their special areas of interest over other things. 
  • You notice your child prefers to have a routine and may become quite upset if this is disrupted. 
  • You notice child responds to certain sounds, textures, or other sensory inputs in an unusual manner. They may seek out or avoid certain sensory stimuli. 

Autism assessments typically involve a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s behavioral, developmental, and medical history. Once the clinician has carried out a detailed history, they may want to do a screening test for Autism (3Di) which may be followed by a more specific diagnostic assessment (ADOS2). The Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale 2nd edition (ADOS2) is a standardized diagnostic assessment of social, imagination and communication skills of individuals who may have autism spectrum disorders (ASD). It is suitable for all ages, backgrounds, and developmental levels.   

You can also contact us about our ASD service if you are a family member, loved one, or carer of a person with ASD who is experiencing stress, burnout or emotional exhaustion and need support with coping mechanisms and other strategies to maintain or recover your mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

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