Women’s Emotional Wellbeing Day

Women’s Emotional Wellbeing Day

When: Thursday 1st of June 9.30am-12.30pm  

Where: Dubai Ladies Club

Cost: Free 

Registration: To register send an email to events@sage-clinics.com

Come join us in this incredible event and take the first step towards a healthier and happier life, because nothing is more important than prioritizing your own wellbeing!


The events over the last two years and the pace at which society is moving have meant that maintaining good mental health and wellbeing has become more essential than ever. At Sage Clinics, we understand and recognize how difficult it can be to stop and think about ourselves amidst the multiple roles we may hold as a female – perhaps as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a colleague. Therefore, we would like to host a half-day event focused on mental health and wellbeing for women. 

During the course of this event, we aim to deliver a series of brief talks and workshops on different elements of our wellbeing, including:  

Mood Matters  

An overview of mood and influencing factors; and some tips on how to manage mood and general wellbeing. 

Mindfulness & Values 

A workshop introducing mindfulness and how to incorporate mindfulness principles into your lifestyle; and an overview on value-driven living and how you can connect with what is meaningful to you whilst juggling different roles. 

Boosting Self-Esteem & Confidence 

A talk on self-esteem, signs of low self-esteem and tips to boost your self-confidence.  

Managing our Emotional Wellbeing 

A workshop on understanding emotions and their function, and some tips on how to manage when we feel overwhelmed.  

Emotional Wellbeing, Body Image and Food 

A talk to discover the powerful connection between emotional wellbeing and our relationship with food and learn practical tips for cultivating a healthier relationship with food to improve your overall wellbeing.  

Written by: Women’s Emotional Wellbeing Day
Clinical Psychologist at Sage Clinics

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